Chelsea Gardens Botanical Essential Oils
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All of the Chelsea Gardens Essentials line are made with the highest quality oils sourced from around the world using high-grade fractionated coconut oil.  We originally designed these products as a gift for our brides & grooms to calm their nerves and ward off lurgies before their big day, but felt that everyone could benefit from them.

The oil blends have been designed with the help of an essential oil specialist.

Botanical Spirit Booster

This is a beautiful mood-boosting blend to help pick you up and keep you going. A great mood and energy booster. Use this blend as a ‘pure-fume’ any time.
Apply on pulse points when needed.

Botanical Immune Support Blend

This blend will help support your immune system. Use in times of high stress, when you feel rundown or when traveling. Also apply regularly if you have come down with something. Apply to the soles of your feet each morning and before bed.

Botanical Respiratory Support Blend

This blend will help open the airways and support your respiratory system.
Apply to the chest and upper back between your shoulder blades.
Snoring: Apply to the chest and the bottom of the feet concentrating on the big toe area. Apply when needed.

Botanical Fever Blend

Fever is the way the body reacts to defend itself against infection. Use 3-4 drops of this blend with a cool compress on the forehead. To attempt to reduce the temperature, add 4 drops to a small bowl of cool water and sponge the body and head at hourly interviews. If fever persists or goes above 39-40, it is suggested you seek assistance from a doctor.

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